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The followings are frequently asked questions by our customers.

We need the valves that obtain the certification of High Pressure Gas Safety Act.
ASTAM can supply the product that obtain the certification of High Pressure Gas Safety Act.
We want to use the valve in the down flow piping.
At first, please contact us in order to consider a spring torque. And please feel free to contact us about use under the condition of special fluid, low pressure piping system, or slow / rapid closure specs.
We want to use the valve at downstream of a pump or a reducer.
The check valve is easily affected by turbulent flow of a pump or a reducer as a result the valve chatters. Please keep a distance of 3D ~ 5D from the equipments which cause turbulent flow such as a pump or a reducer. In addition, the check valve may be affected by flow rate, instollation direction or spring torque. In thiscase,Please contact us.
I am looking for a valve with a small pressure loss.
Astam's super check valve comprise two plates as a result, pressure loss is low in comparison with conventional valve.
There is not enough space to install a valve.
You can install the valves in the smallest space because the face to face dimmension of Astam's Super Check is short in comparison with conventional valves.
Since I use a valve in the low pressure piping, I am looking for a valve of low opening pressure.
We have large lineup of spring torque, such as the mini torque spring. We select the appropriate spring torque based on your specification. In addition, we are willing to offer consultation and work on the new design of the spring in order to respond to your request. At first, please feel free to consult us.
I am looking for a valve with little leakage as possible as.
The resilient seat type of Astam Super Check Valves ensure no leakage when the plates of the valve closed. For the metal seat type, we can reduce leakage rate less than the admittable leakage rate which is specified by API 598 standard.
I am looking for a check valvs which has a by-pass valve.
C2 type of Super check has a by-pass valve and it can drain water from the down stream side.

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