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Dealing with custom made valves

We deal with custom made all of the products of check valves and Butterfly valves. The following is the advantage of custom made valves.

Characteristics of custom made valves

Astam's check valves endure severe conditions such as the high ressure durability or the precision in a petrochemical plant, a food factory and the ship, of cource building facilites, water supply and sewage piping.

The ready made products may be insufficient for the requirement of high technology. In our company, a few sekected engineers consider the materials, size,shape,strength of valve body and plates suitable for customer's requirement and produces check valves.

Superiority of custom made valves
(1)Abundant variation that is impossible with ready made products.
(2)Selectable materials, sizes, and shapes depending on the property of the fluid.
(3)Selectable spring torque from standard, low, mini and high.
(4)Those valves can cope with use under the severe conditions such as a high temperature or a high pressure.

Semi-custom made valves

As for the valves that special performance is not required in the general piping, semi-custom made valves are convinient. Please contact us freely for the details.


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