High perfoamance valves for taking measures to water hammer and chattering
Lofty ideal,  Lofty valves ASTAM is coexistent with the Earth

Check valves・Buttefly valves

Our company is a specialized manufacturer of the check valves and has established the trust with customers based on experience and achievement for many years. We supply satisfied products with high perfomance, high quality, and strict delivery date in the future.

product introduction

Check valves

Check valves

Check valves prevent the reverse flow of the fluid.

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves control the fluid by turning the valve disc by 90 degrees.

Characteristics of the ASTAM  check valves

Astam handles various semi-custom made valves flexibly

Dealing with custom made valves Superiority of Astam's valves

characterisitics of the Astam's check valves

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