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Charactristics of Astam's valves
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Superiority of Astam's valves

Astam's valves are proud of performance of high quality in the world. Above all, the check valves, our main products clear all the problems that conventional swing check valves have.

Six characteristics of check valves

The following are characteristics of "Super Check valve" and "Superlite" that are our pride.

<Point1>Prevention of water hammar

Our check valves improve the durability of the piping.

Water hammar is caused by the sudden reverse or sudden stop of flow, which is in the piping of water supply, hot water supply facilities such as high-rise buildings, or the water supply and sewage.

Since the valve plates of Astam's check valves quickly close by the springs. As a result, the water hammer is prevented, those valves prevent the shock, vibration, deterioration and also abnormal noise.

<Point 2>Compact design of short face to face

Our check valves reallize the space-saving of the piping facillity and light weight.

Astam's check valves are easy to save the space of the piping facility because of it's short face to face. In addtion, these are more lightweight and compact than conventional products. These contribute not only to buildings and plant constructions but also the ship with the weight limit.

<Point 3> Easy installation and removal

The installation is quick and economical.

Astam's valves contribute to reducing the number of bolts labor saving at the time of construction and the maintenance.
Of course you not need to worry about the decrease of durability by the fewer bolt.

In addition, you can remove a check valve from the piping with only removing several bolts. This leads to raise the efficiency of the work.

<Point 4>Support all installation directions

Our check valves support every design without the limit of the use.

Though swing check valves must be always installed hollizontally, but our check valves can be installed not only in the hollizontal direction but also vertical and slant direction.

The spring of the valve enable installation of piping system in every direction.
Since the spring holds the valve plates, a chattering is prevented. Therefore, a limit of the installation direction has been disappeared.

Chattering is a phenomenon that the valve plates flap and beat a valve seat when a fluid flows in the piping. If this phenomenon occures, the valve plates and other parts may be damaged.

<Point5>Normal operation in openning and closing in extremely low pressure.

The two plates of the valve open and close in V shape according to the pressure or flow quantity of the fluid, even in extremely low pressure.

In addition, we select appropriate spring torque of the valve according to pressure and flow quantity.

<Point6>Small opening pressure, low pressure loss

Astam's check valves operates even if the pressure is extremely low. In addition, the openning pressure of valves is small and the pressure loss is minimized when a fluid flows.


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